Where can I find high-quality guqin?

The external features of a guqin include the body, surface, shaft, and string axis. The body of a guqin is the main part, which can be divided into three types: long body, short body, and small body, with the long body being the mainstream. The visible part on the piano surface has seven string tracks and thirteen badges. The shaft refers to the axle used for the strings, and buyers need to check if it is in good condition and if there is excessive wear. The chord axis refers to the mechanical part used for tuning and also needs to be checked for completeness.
The first step in selecting a guqin is to understand the basic knowledge of lacquer surface, guqin board, and gray body. 1. Let is talk about the selection of paint surface first: Traditional Chinese large paint films are hard and shiny, with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and resistance to various organic solvents. The electrical insulation performance is also very good. Today, we are fortunate enough to touch the old qin that has been around for thousands of years. The role of high-quality lacquer cannot be erased. Big paint also has advantages and disadvantages, and the prices are also different, which is ominous to mention here. Of course, currently low-end guqin still has synthetic lacquer and pure chemical lacquer, as they can reduce costs and have strong price competitiveness. 2. The next thing to consider is the board: currently, there are many materials for making pianos. Guqin made of high-quality cedar wood is also quite common.
The production time of guqin: The first step is to make the body of the qin for about a week, and after completion, it should be left for at least 3 months. The second step is to wrap the cloth and apply the gray tire, which will last for about 7 days and be left for 1-3 months, depending on the weather (it may take longer due to natural dryness). The third step is to apply large paint, polish it over and over again, around March to December. This is manual painting, not the type of spray gun. So it takes at least 8 months for a normal handmade guqin to come out, and of course, pianists work in batches, as they spend a lot of time waiting. But what the factory produces is different. The chemical paint dries quickly and is uniformly cut. It can be made in 10 and a half days, but this will definitely not make a good piano.

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